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White Tailed Deer

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White Tailed Deer

The White Tailed Deer also known as a Vrgina Deer lives in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America,Peru and some in Europe.

White Tailed Deer are brown with a white tail, which is why we call them white tailed deer. When the little baby deer called fawns are born  they  have white spots on there backs and about after a year the spots go away that means that the are growing old. A male deer is called a Buck and a female deer is called a Doe.


The White Tailed Deer is found in The United States, Canada  Mexico, South America, Central America, Peru and some spots in europe


  • The White Tailed Deer lives in forests, plains, feilds and the Rocky Mountains




The White Tailed Deer is 62-87 inches in lenth. And they are 62-87 inghes in hight.

They can weigh through90-220 pounds.Their color is light brown when the are young babies (fawns)

with little white spots on their back. When the get older they turn a darker color brown and lose there spots.



adault  deerbaby deer




  • The common name for this animal is a Deer
  • The scientific class of the White Tailed Deer is Mammalia
  • The scientific Genus is Odocileus
  • And the species is Ovirginianus
  • The White Tailed Deer is Endothermic which is hot blooded 





 The White Tailed Deer Have baby deer every spring. They have about 1-2 babies per year.

There babies are called fawns. Deer live in a group with eachother called a herd.

They are related to a Mule deer and a Caribou.The White Tailed Deer is a hebivore wich meanes they only eat plants. The White Tailed Deer mostly eats grass and weeds.He captures his food by Grabing it and chewing it.



 Caribou Mule Deer







As shown above the White Tailed Deer eats grass and berries. And bears and wolfes it the White Tailed Deer. The White Tailed Deer has some defenses like their hooves and antlers. Their hooves anre very strong and very hard they can leave a bad mark. The antlers are very sharp and they use them to fight of enimies or other deer. 




  • All hooved animals belong to one group called artiodactyis all the animals have the same number of toes on each foot
  • This animal is not endangered



The White Tailed Deer can run up to 40 miles per hour. They grunt and whistle and body movement to comunicate with other deer.The white Tailed Deers tail goes up when they are alarmed of running.


The Symbiotic relationship

The White Tailed Deers Symbiotic rrelationship is Parasitism. This means that on specias beifits and the other ond deos not. It is Parasitism because a deer eats grass and the the grass dies.


I hope you learned a lot about the White Tailed Deer If you want to learn more here are the sources






Book 1000 thing you should know about wild animals/page 41/writterJohn Farndon/ copy wright 2000,2003 

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