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Uromastyx Ornata

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  • Kingdom-Animalia
  • Phylum-Chordata
  • Class-Reptillia
  • Order-Squamata
  • Family-Agamidae
  • Subfamily-Leoilepidinae
  • Genus-Uromastyx
  • Species-Ornata
  • Common name-Spiny tailed lizard


  • The Uromastyx is commonly found in the desert biome

  • The Uromastyx is found in North Africa, Middle East, Aisa, and India



  • The males are often a blueish-green color(as seen above)
  • The reason for this is attracting mates


  • The females are often a brownish-tan(as seen above)
  • They are made like this for blending in with the colors of the desert
  • All Uromastyx have a short blunted head and nose, a flat colorful body, large spiny tail (seen below) which equals about half of total body length

  • The common length is 10-12in.

  • The height is about 1in.

  • They usually weigh 100-200 grams


General information


  • Name of Young-Neonates or Hatchlings
  • Name of a group of this animal-Lounge of lizards
  • Uromastyx are herbavores
  • Symbiotic relationship-commensalism, carry salmonella in Gi (gastroitestinal) track

Food Chain






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