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The Basilisk Lizard ( :

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                               Basilisk Lizard (Basiliskus) (class of sauropsida).

A General Description

  • The Basilisk Lizard can either be the color of green, or it can be a brown/black.
  • The Basilisk Lizard has a long tail that can be nearly 4 inches long.
  • The weight of the Basilisk Lizard can be up to 7oz, which is pretty light.
  • The Basilisk Lizard has vary Large claws that push it off the ground.
  • The Basilisk Lizard's eyes stick out the side of the top of it's head.
  • The Basilisk Lizard lives mostly in the rainforest in South America and is ectothermic, meaning cold blooded.
  • The name of Basilisk Lizard young is simply lizard young.

  - The green Basilisk Lizard                                                                                         - The brown Basilisk Lizard



The Basilisk Lizard has a special adaptation of running on water.

The Basilisk Lizard usually runs on water to escape it's enemies.

The Basilisk Lizard can do this by using a flap of skin between the front legs to half of the tail to skim across the water.



Symbiotic Relationship 

The Basilisk Lizard has a parasatism symbiotic relationship withe the green vine snake, the snake eats the lizard and the lizard dies.



The Basilisk Lizard has a common lizard communication system.

Most lizards do pushup like gestures and sometimes the tail will sway to signal other lizards.


The Body

The Basilisk Lizard  has a head, four legs,a long tail,a top fin like a fish's dorsal fin.

On the top of the Basilik Lizard's head there is a little bump that is called the head crest.




The Food 

The Basilisk Lizard eats mostly bugs, like worms, crickets and ants.







I used http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/basilisk_lizard, the Lizard Book and http://search.enchantedlearning.com/cgi-bin/uncgi/search?key=basilisk+lizard.


Fun Facts

The Basilisk Lizard can run on water as shown on this video.



The Basilisk Lizard is located mostly in South America in the Amazon Rainforest.

They like to bask in the son but otherwise likes the shade and can be found under a rock or leaf.

The Basilisk Lizard lives in the understory of the rainforest.




















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