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The Arctic Wolf

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         This website will introduce you to an animal called the arctic wolf, also know as the palor or white wolf . This wolf is not endangered becouse it lives in the Tundra biome which is cold and harsh were humans don't go very often. Here are some cool fact that you can enjoy, so lets read!




The arctic wolf is generally 3-6 feet in length, 25-31 inches in height and over 100 pounds in weight. The body covering for the arctic wolf is thick white fur. The arctic wolf is not as tall as the grey wolf but it is a bit buffer. The arctic wolf is endothermic which means warm blooded.



 Location adaptationnd A


 The arctic wolf lives in the cold biome called the tundra. This freezing place has very little vegatation. There is a thing called permafrost, a permanent layer of ice on the ground. The arctic wolf adapts to its environment by having short ears to mantain heat, white fur to blend in with suroundings and thick fur that withstand 70- F degrees. The Arctic wolf lives in northen Canada and Greenland. Note in the picture   below the darkened part of the map shows the arctic wolves range.   



 Hunting and Food Web


The arctic wolf hunts in packs which is easer to kill animals and protect each other. Also they can corner animals in a well planed attack. The arctic wolf is at the top of the food web because humans do not eat them because they live so far north.





The Arctic wolf can smell prey from one mile away! They have long legs to run 15-30 miles per hour for a distance of 12 miles and they can sprint 40 miles per hour! They have great eyesite, one wolf can eat 29 pounds in 1 meal! The arctic wolf communicates by whining,squealing, growling , and howling.   

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