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silver back gorilla

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Silver Back Gorilla

by Mitch Lacey  


Gorillas are one of the smartest animals ever.  No wonder they have been around for 9 million years!

 A gorilla's scienific class is Mammalia, its scientific genus is Gorilla, and its species is Troglodytes.

 Gorillas can be found in the rain forests of a few African countries.  A gorilla's surroundings are usually tall trees, lots of plants, bamboo, and humid weather conditions.

 A gorilla's height can be between 5 feet 9 inches and 6 feet 4 inches tall.  They weigh between 310 pounds and 415 pounds  The largest living gorilla was 7 feet 9 inches and weighed 500 pounds.


A gorilla has a muscular/heavy build, large forehead, long arms, intelligent brain, and is endothermic, which means they have their skeleton inside their body.


The animal group that they are in is called primates.  Two related species of apes are the chimpanzee, which is a smaller, smarter type of primate, and orangatan, which is an orange, stronger version.

 A gorilla is an herbivore, which eats insects and some plants.  No animal eats gorillas, except the leopard, which only eats a gorilla when it is very hungry.  A gorilla's type of defense is usually its strong arms.  Gorillas communicate by beating their chests or screaming at each other to show dominance.  Gorillas fight each other for fun and power. 

 Gorillas are endangered animals.  The problem is that hunters keep killing them for sport and pride.              


                                                                                                 Where Gorllias Live 

distribution of Gorilla                                                              


                                                                                 Gorilla                                    Orangatan


Food Web of A Gorilla

                                   A gorilla's symbiotic relationship with another organism is when once in a while fleas get in gorilla's hair and they have to clean themselves..

                                                                                  Information provided by:     Gorillas and Other Apes, Author: Jane Goodall, pgs. used 6-10

                                                                                                                           Gorillas, Author: Saymour Simon, pgs. 1,3-5 copyright 2001    



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