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Sea Turtle

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                                                                     Sea Turtle


                       Food chain



  • common name is  Sea Turtle
  • it's scientific class is reptile because it has scales on it's body
  • it's scientific genus is Sauropsida
  • it's species is turtles
  • it is found in oceans
  • they live in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean
  • it grows up to 6-7 feet long
  • they can weigh up to 1,300 pounds
  • it has scales and a shell for body covering
  • they are ectothermic
  • name of young is pre-juveniles 
  • related species are snails and tortoises
  • they are herbivores
  • they like to eat jellyfish,plankton, and shrimp.    



               They hatch their eggs at the same beach that they were hatched on.

                      They hatch about 150-200 eggs.

               There is also the Green Sea Turtle, which is much like the

               Sea Turtle. They can live up to about 80 years.







                                                           Book: Animals    









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