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Sea Lions

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                                                               Sea Lions




 Isn't this just adorable!








  •  This is a little sea lion pup isn't cute

another thing about sea lions is that they can live on land or in water !




  • did you know that sea lion's cousins are walruses and seals! found at www.nmfs.noaas.gov
  •  when sea lions are in a group they are called colonies. found at www.sandiegozoo.org
  • sea lions young are called pups. www.sealioncaves.com
  •  sea lions bark at each other to communicate. www.ehow.com
  • sea lions catch their prey by gripping them in the death grip with their large canines. found at www.reef.edu.au/asp_pages/secb.asb?Form=63                                                                            



It is so ugly it's cute!                      


                                                                                   Interesting facts


  • sea lions eat squid, fish and octupus. found on page 29-30
  • killer whales, wolves, polar bears, and sharks prey upon the sea lion. found on page 30
  • sea lions are not endangered thank god found at www.wikipedia.com all except the stellar sea lion which is endangered because there is not enough fish found at www.earthjustice.org\library\factsheets\stellar_genaral.pdf
  • sea lions symbiotic relationship is the sea lion eats food infected with worms then the worms eat the sea lions insides until the sea lion fineally dies. pg.82






  california sea lion

 stellar sea lion



 south american sea lion










my book source is Seals and Sea lions by Phyllis Roberts Evans



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wikiuser0043 said

at 7:08 pm on Dec 1, 2008

cool website Marie. If you come up to me and ask me If a posted this andyou are right I will give you a big hug. I have 2 clues one I am a girl and 2 I am doing the killer whale as my animal.

wikiuser0044 said

at 8:09 pm on Dec 5, 2008

Hola Marie, you have a cool site.
P.S. love the pics.
lol, As

wikiuser0012 said

at 5:23 pm on Dec 6, 2008

ahhhhhh so cute!

MH(NOT mitchell)

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