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Pink Flamingo

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Greater Flamingo  




Greater Flamingos are very beautiful creatures. They are known for their signature; their pink coloring and their long,skinny legs.




the shaded yellow is where the Greater Flamingo lives







Phylum: Chordata



Scientific Class: Aves



Scientific Genus: Phoeicopteridae



Species: Phoenicopterus ruber roseus



 CCountries Found: northwestern India, Middle East, limited

numbers in Europe, eastward to Siberia

and midwestern Mediterranean





  • Length: 3.3-5 ft




  • Height: 3.3-4.6 ft




  • Weight: 3.3-9 lbs





Type of Body Covering




Endangered Status







Special Adaptations to the Environment


  • beak shaped like a scoop, 


  • long legs= wade much deeper


  • webbed feet= support on mud


  • curling leg under their body= warm foot




Symbiotic Relationships

  • Shrimp- commensalism- Flamingo eats the shrimp and balances population  


  • Krill- commensalism- Flamingo eats the krill and balances population



  •  Crayfish- commensalism- Flamingo eats the crayfish and balances population 





Type of Eater









Shrimp, crayfish, aquatic plants and krill






Forms of communication:


  • visual displays,


  • nasal honking,


  • grunting


  • growling


  • flamingos are usually quite loud birds.





Interesting or Unusual Behaviors


 they spend most of their day preening (distributing an oil from their tail feathers for water proofness)





  Name of Young






Other Facts 


  • Greater Flamingos are Endothermic (warm blooded) animals



  • Pink Flamingos are related to the tropicbird and pigeon 



  • There is no such thing as a Pink Flamingo, That's

just the Greater Flamingo's common name













Question and Answer




QWhy do flamingos stand on one foot?

AThis is one of their special adaptations to the environment. While one

foot is in the water, the other is tucked under its body to keep it warm




QHow do flamingos get their pink coloring? Is it

from the food they eat?

 AA What they eat impacts their coloring. In captivity, they used to be fed beets, carrots, and red peppers. Now, they're fed canthaxthin.



 QWho came up

with the plastic lawn flamingos and when?

A In 1957, a pink idea hit Don Featherstone. He came up

with the very first pink flamingo plastic lawn ornament.

He won the Ig Noble Prize for his fantastic idea.















Storks and Other Large Wading Birds 



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