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 The orangutan is a wonderful animal that does not deserve to be on its way to extinction. I hope after reading this you will soon agree with me.



  • Kingdom = Animalia
  • Phylum  = Chordata
  • Class    =  Mammilia
  • Order    =  Primates
  • Family  =  Hominidae
  • Genus  =  Pongo
  • species = pongo pygmaeus



  • Biome =Tropical Rainforest
  • Countries = Indonesia,Malaysia,Islands of Borneo and Sumatra
  • Special adaptions to its enviornment = the orangutan adapts by having long,strong arms for climbing through the trees,curved feet for extra balance when standing on trees and opposable thumbs for grabbing branches.
  • I have included a world map to show where orangutans are found





  • Length = 1.25-1.5 meters
  • Height = Female--2.6-3.5 ft.  Male--3.2-4.5 ft. 
  • Weight = Female--110 lbs   Male--200 lbs


  • Orangutans have long,reddish brown hair


  • Orangutans have hands and feet very much like ours except their feet are better for climbing.Females have a large head with a large mouth area. Males have big cheek flaps.Orangutans have a bare face with round eyes and small ears.
  • The orangutan is ENDOTHERMIC (warm-blooded)



            male     female


  • Name of young = Baby Orangutan
  • Name of group = A Colony of Orangutans


  • Two related species = the Chimpanzee and the Bonobo              





  • The oranutan is a Herbivore (eats only plants)
  • What it eats = The orangutan eats plants,bark,insects,and fruit. It captures food by just finding it and eating it. Since it is a herbivore it does not have to chase down its food.
  • Its predators = The clouded leopard,Sumatran tiger and sadly man, the main cause.The orangutan males have large cheek flaps,deep chests,and long hair to make them look larger and to defend themselves
  • I have included a food web. The PINK represents the flow of energy.                                                                                        




Other Info

  • The orangutan has a parasitism relationship(a relationship where one organisim benefits and one organisim is harmed) with fruit,insects,and plants.
  • Forms of Communication = Orangutans are the least vocal of the great apes.They grunt,squeak,moan,and holler.
  • Behavior = Orangutans are shy during the day, they live alone in large territories because their eating habits require a large space.Orangutan babies are just like human babies, they cry and scream when they are hungry or hurt.
  • Orangutans are becoming more and more endangered. The main cause is man. Loss of there habitat from people and fires is another problem.There are many groups that are doing the best they can to try and save orangutans.There are so many ways for people to help them just by making donations or to adopt one by only paying a monthly fee.So do the best that you can and save an orangutan or any animal that needs your help. 
  • Orangutans are very playful animals especially babies. please view slide shows ORANGUTAN SLIDE.ppt Orangutans just wanna have fun!.ppt


















































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good job love the food web and pic.

love syd

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