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 The Muskrats



  • Kingdom:Animalia  Phylum:chordata Class:Mammalia Order:Rodentia Superfamily: Muroidea Family: Cricetidae Tribe: Ondatrini Genus: Ondatra species: O.zibethicus


Body Descimation


  • The Mukrats has thick fur covering its body. Its fur is a light brown sometimes it can be a darker brown.

The Muskrats have tails if you take out the musk in muskrats you get rats. They have rat like tails. They also have claws they use their claws and teeth for food. Muskrats are herbivors they use their claws to dig the root or flower up, then uses its teeth for chewing the root. The adult muskrat is about 16-24 in.



  •   Muskrats are found in canada, United States and a small part of Mexico. There biome is a freshwarter kind of biome. They are mustly found in lakes and ponds.




  • The muskrat makes a chrip or a squeek. Once it is spring that is what begans matting season. The male gets into fights woth other males to find a female mukrat. Sometimes in these fights muskrats can be hurt or killed. Once a male wins a female they find a place to make a home. A female can have 2-3 litters a year. In one litter there can be 6-8 babies. There babies are called kits.



Symbiotic Relationships


  • The muskrat and the Alaska blackfish have a commensalism relatioship. In the winter the muskrat makes a den he makes a hole. The muskrat puts the food around the hole. The black fish gose up to get some atmospheric oxygen in the muskrats home.













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