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Mountain Lion

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 The Mountain Lion


by Kellan Schulz



Common Names:

Mountain Lion, Cougar, Panther


Scientific Class:



Scientific Genus:               



Scientific species:



Where found-Biome:




America, Mexico, South America



Special Adaptions to its enviroment:

They live up high in the mountains of Western Canada, U.S.A., and Mexico and they need meat in their body and fur to help protect them from the cold.




Length:60 to 95 inches Height: 27 to 31 inches at shoulder Weight: 136lbs (62kg)


Type of body covering:



General Discription:

Mountain Lions are very rare to see, but if hunters see them, they usually end up killing them. They are very beautiful animals with yellowish

orangeish fur. It is also the 4th heaviest Cat in the world behind the Tiger, Lion, and Jaguar. It has very

big feet for climbing up rocky slopes. It usually has white whiskers and its ears are pointed up.

Its legs and arms are extremly strong for hunting, and climbing. All in all, the Mountain Lion is a great animal!

The Mountain Lion is Endothermic

The name of the Mountain Lions young:



The name of a group of a Mountain Lion:



Names of two related species:

Lion, Tiger


Type of eater:



What is a Mountain Lions Prey:

Deer, Elk, Humans, and Bighorn Sheep


What predators eat the Mountain Lion:

Jaguar, Gray Wolf, Black Bear, and Grizzly Bear


Symbiotic Relationship:

The Mountain Lion has a parasitism relationship with a Mountain Goat.  The Mountain Lion kills the

Mountain Goat and gets food and the Mountain Goat dies.


Forms of communication:

  • The Mountain Lion hisses, some what like a cat but louder.
  • He purrs like a normal cat.
  • The Mountain Lion also makes a yelping sound, kind of like when a dog gets hurt.


Interesting or unusual behavior:

Their behavior is very aggresive.


The Mountain Lion is endangered because too many humans see them and kill them.

Their ecosystem also is very unsafe.



































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at 9:26 pm on Dec 3, 2008

love it kellan

wikiuser0012 said

at 4:35 pm on Dec 4, 2008

nice job!

MH(NOT NOT NOT mitchell)

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at 7:06 pm on Dec 4, 2008

good job!

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