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King Cobra(Ophiophagus hannah)

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         King Cobras are cool!!!!!!!


Diet and habbitats               




  • The King Cobra is the worlds longest venomous snake.
  • The King Cobra is normally 12-13 feet long and they typically weigh 12-13.5 pounds.
  • The King Cobra doesn't have toxic venom, but because of its massive size a King Cobra can deliver a whopping 2 teespoons of venom, that much venom at the King Cobra's toxicity rate is enough to kill 13 men or an asian elephant.
  • The King Cobra like most other snakes is covered by scales.
  • When fully grown a King Cobra can look an averaged heighted man straight in the eyes.
  • Once they are a 2-3 minutes old, a baby King Cobra can deliver the same amount of venom as a fully grown adult. 
  • A King Cobra's name of young is the same as all other snakes, when baby King Cobras are refered to the are called snakes or baby snakes or even baby King Cobras and the plural is a bed of snakes, or a bed King Cobras.
  • The King Cobra is Ectothermic, a carnivore and related to the Death Adder and the Coral Snake.
  • The table below shows the Common Name, Class, Genus and species and the King Cobra's kingdom.
  • Common Name Class Genus and species Kingdom
    King Cobra or Hamadryad Reptila






  Special adaptations 


  • The King Cobra has adapted the ability to flaten its neck and ribs, thus giving the ability to presume the threat poisition (when the King Cobra opens its hood) that is used for mating and self defense.
  • The King Cobra also adapted a stronger backbone that it uses to clime trees and in rare cases, constrict its prey. 




 SR(Symobiotic Relationships), Communication and Interesting or Unusual Behavior 


  • The King Cobra has a Symobiotic Relationship with the Monior Lizard, the King Cobra gets an energy boost and a full belly, but the Monitor Lizard gets a one way ticket through the King Cobra.
  • When one male King Cobra invades anothers teritory then they will engage in battle. They would first square of in the threat positon (pulling out their hoods to see whos is bigger). They typically don't like to waiste there venom so they will just bite, but with no venom.
  • If it is maiting season then male King Cobra will assume the treat positon to atract his mate.
  • The female King Cobra is perhaps the only snake to make a nest and then incubute with her own body.


A Real Cobra?



  • The King Cobra is under the same family as all other cobras it is not a real cobra! Because of its massive size a King Cobra is too long to be a real cobra, but it is still clasified under the catigory of cobras. 



Food Chain  







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Dr. Phillip Whitfield



 Picture Gallery



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