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The Kangaroo






Kangaroos are marsupials which is a special kind of mammals. Their scientific name is Macropus giganteus. They are about 7ft (2.1m) in the normal size after their full grown. The kangaroo's average weight is 40-200 pounds. The type of body covering is fur. An early group of explorers described a kangaroo as a head as a deer, stood upright like men, and hopped like frogs. A kangaroo's young is called a joey. A group of kangaroos are called a mob or troop. Kangaroos are related to possums and koalas. The kangaroo is a herbivore and it eats grass. A female kangaroo has a pouch served to use as a nursery for the joey. The pouch is like an oversized pocket. To feed their babies the mother feeds the joey milk. A kangaroo is Endothermic which means warm-blooded. Kangaroos are herbivores that means they only eat plants. A kangaroo eats a lot of varietes of grasses. The kangaroo fights and runs away because if it is a smaller animal it would kick it with forceful power. If it was a bigger animal like a large cat it would run or hop quickly away.




Where They Live:


Kangaroos live in the grasslands of Australia. They got over to Australia by... Millions of years ago the continents South America and Australia were connected. Marsupials lived on that joined continent. When South America and Australia drifted away the marsupials split the kangaroos went to Australia and the koalas, quokkas, and possums went to South America.


Picture of where the Kangaroo lives!


Fun Facts:


  • Predators that eat or hunt the kangaroo are dingos, foxes, feral cats, hunters, and large birds.
  • Kangaroos are nocturnal.
  • A kangaroo's life span is 7-18 years according to species
  • A kangaroo female is called a doe, flyer, jill, or roo
  • A male kangaroo is called a buck, boomer, jack, or old man
  • The kangaroo's symbiotic relationship is with a parrot. The parrot pecks the ticks off the kangaroo's fur. This is called commensalism.
  • A kangaroo communicates by stomping the ground with their feet to warn others there is danger coming
  • Kangaroos are on the watch list because dingos hunt them and some people still hunt them fr their fur and meat
  • When the baby kangaroo (joey) feels threatened it dives quickly into its mothers pouch



Kangaroo Food Web






















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