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Harp Seal

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 I did a Harp Seal.

  • Harp Seals are Phoca groenlandica, and they are Mammalia. 

  • They live in New founland, Greenland Sea, and White Sea.  
  •   There Biome is Oceanic Biome and the Tiaga.  They are Warm-blooded ( Endothermic).
  • They can live there because of there skin it has little hairs on the body so it can stay warm!!
  • The adult Harp seal is called a Dark Harp. They can get up to 6.25 in length, 6 feet tall (for males), and wiegh about 400 pounds.




  • A Harp Seal's baby is called a pup. They have white fur at birth for warmth. Pups are about 25 lbs when born. There white slikie fur is the reason they are about to be exctinct.


  • Harp Seals and Fish are Paratism because the Harp Seal eats the Fish so the Harp Seal is benifiting.


  • A group of Harp Seals are called Colony or Rookery.


  •   A fast description of a Harp Seal. Pups have white fluffy fur and black eyes.2-4 weeks old have a coat called "Ragged Jacket". Adult Harp Seals are called "Dark Harps" there skin has a few hairs to keep them warm. They have big claws with black nails.
  •  Harp Seals are carnivore they like to eat fish and crustaceans the pups like to eat crabs and there mothers milk. 


  •  Polar Bears, Orca Whales, Sharks and sometimes Walruse eat Harp Seals.


  •  There type of deffense is flight in water (they are very fast swimmers).On land they fight with there teeth and big claws.


  • Harp Seals use vocal crods to communicat but mother Harp Seals use smell to get to there pup faster.    


  • A Walrues and a Sea Lion are two related species to Harp Sea!!!










Fun Facts!!!!

  • Harp Seals like to jump out of the water like Dolphins!!! 


  • Harp Seals can live up to 35 years old!!!


  • In late February to late March females give birth.


  • Harp Seals can dive to depths of 275 meters! (in water!)






My resouces are







Fur Seals And Other Pinnapeds.Book found in the Q.P Libary.




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