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Gray Fox

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Gray Fox!!!! 


  • The common name is Gray fox
  • The scientific class mammalia
  • Scientific Genus Urocyon
  • The species is U. Cinereoagenteus 




  • The Gray Fox is found in Ontario, Canada,thoughout the central and south western U.S. and down to Venezuela, it also lives in the chaparal of California and Mexico
  • The biome they live in is, woodlands, rocky or bushy areas





  •   The Gray fox has hooked claws to climb trees to get away from it's predators like the domestic dog and coyote
  •   For the Gray fox's defense it has sharp claws and teeth and will back up slowly like a house cat




  • The Gray fox eats a wide variety of food mostly made up of small mammals like the eastern cottontail rabbit, mice, voles, it also eats birds, insects and plants
  • In autumn and summer the grasshopper and cricket are an important part of it's diet


Life Cycle

  • The mating season for the Gray Fox is January through April
  • The female gives birth from one to seven pups, 57 days after mating
  • At 3 months pups are weaned and at 4 months they are able to hunt on their own        
  • The pups leave their mother in the Autumn
  • The same male and female usually mate together every year





  • The Gray Fox can climb and will forage for food and rest in a trees
  • There dens are usually used when raising young and during the mating season
  • The Gray Fox and most foxes are silent animals but the pups make small barks and screams to locate other foxes or it's mate 


Fun Facts

  •  The Gray Fox can reach the speed of 28 mph for a short time
  • The Gray Fox live up to 10 years
  • Unlike wolves the foxes do not howl












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