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Giant Panda

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 Giant Panda

The scientific class is, Mammalia,scientific Genus is, Ailuropoda, the species is melanoleuca.




                                                        Where In The World?


                                                             The Panda is found in the Xifan Mountains of Sichuan Province( Southwest China), preferring steep terrain ( from semi-tropical bamboo forests to snowy mountains) more than half of wild pandas are in preserves.





                                                                    Fun Facts: 






The panda is related to: The Black Bear, Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear.


* Sadly, the pandas are on the watch list, which means they are endangered.

They are endangered because humans keep on cutting down the bamboo stems, so the pandas have little food and are being hunted for their fur.


* Pandas are herbavores, which means they only eat plants.


* Pandas eat bamboo.

Young Pandas are called cubs. 


* A panda in the wild eats up to 26 different plant species, but bamboo still makes up

more than 99% of food eaten.


* A giant panda skin sells for up to $200,000 on the black market. At least one poacher

has been executed in China for smuggling skins.


* Pandas live alone.


PREDATORS: * Jackels & leopards eat pandas.                           


DEFENSE:  Pandas scratch and fight in order to defend themselves.







Special Adaptations:



                                                                        The pandas coat has a springy, oily layer that protects the panda

                                                                            from the cold and damp forest. The colors give excellent   

                                                                             camouflage against the snow.  Pandas are endothermic.









What Does a Panda Look Like?


               A Panda is 5ft in length, 29.5 in height, and 220(female) and 250(male) pounds.

               Pandas are bear-like in shape. They  have black spots covering their eyes, and

               patches of black on their body as well. 





What Did You Say?


                                                     The panda's form of communication is a bleatting                                                       sound. They never roar but somtimes huff, bark, or growl..






                                                                    Key Features:


                                                                    * Newborn cub is only one nine -hundredth of its

                                                                      mother's weight.


                                                                    * Spends almost all its time eating to sustain itself

                                                                      on nutritionally poor bamboo leaves and stems.


                                                                    * Acknowledged as a National Treasure by Chinese

                                                                      goverment in 1949, this endangered species has

                                                                      become the symbol of World Wide Fund for Nature.






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at 7:06 pm on Dec 1, 2008

Hi Abby. you have a great website so far.

guess who I am if you come up to me and ask me and you are right I will give you a big hug. To give you a clue I am doing the Orca as my animal.

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at 12:49 pm on Dec 2, 2008

This is a good start. I would you like to remove you name and the word 'cuddly' from the website though. Also, I would recommend you separate some of the info so it doesn't look like a run-on sentence. Keep up the good work.
Mrs. Gonring

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at 9:10 pm on Dec 3, 2008

nice website abby


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