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Giant Otter

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Giant Otter


Scientific Classification:  

Scientific Class:Mammalia    

scientific genus:Pteronura

species: P.brasiliensis 

  • Were you can find a Giant Otter: you can find a Giant Otter in the tropical rain forest of south america, but if you dont live there and you'r not going on a trip there anytime soon you may have better luck finding one in the zoo(maybe.)

RED = were found


Image:Leefgebied reuzenotter.jpg


  •  a general description of a Giant Otter: (then you should look at one of the pictures I have posted for you that way you'll understand what iam talking about.)   So a general discription of a giant otter is it has webbed feet, glossey sleek fur, a big hairy nose, and  a somewhat flat tail. the Giant Otter when fully grown can be  about 6 feet long and it can wiegh about  50lbs-75lbs. 


Here is a picture of a full grown giant otter.





  •  special adaptions:#1  A speacial adaption a Giant Otter has made is it has  webbed feet that can clumsily walk on land and can swiftly paddle through water #2 it has a muzzle with wiskers that helps detect prey.

 A Giant Otter eats: What a Giant Otter eats is: perch, catfish, crustaceuns, and snakes(and can even kill a crocodile!)




The Jaguar is the teiary consumer

The Giant Otter is the secondary consumer

The Perch,Catfish and crustaceans are primary consumers

And the alge is the producer (which is not posted sorry)





  • A Giant Otter is Endothermic which means it is warm blooded and the Giant Otter feeds milk to its otter babies(pups.)
  • A giant otters symbotic relationship: is with fresh water dolphins see when Giant Otter group (Romp/holt) is foraging for fish a freshwater dolphin will hang around so if a fish escapes from one of the otters the dolphin can get it.THis relationship in particular is communilism in wich one animal benifits (the dolphin) and the other animal is neither harmed nor helped(the Giant Otter.) 
  • A Giant Otter's cummunicates with others by: squeaking, cooing, whistling, growling, and humming.
  • A Giant Otter will fight back its attacker with its teeth if it has to.
  • Giant Otters are on the watch list for the endanger species because of pollution and disturbance from humans.

  • Meet the Giant otter's relitives: The cousins to a Giant Otter are ferrets and weasles.













wiki answers.com


 Animal Fact File pages 120+121 By:Dr Tony Hare published in 1999



















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Good Job Liz!

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u might want 2 put the algi on the food web/chain. but, other than that it's really good!!!

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