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Chinstrap Penguin

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Chinstrap Penguins



  • Class:  Aves
  • Genus: Pygoscelis
  • species: antarticticus
  • Where chinstrap is found: antartic and American Islands
  • Special addaptians to envionment: Chinstrap penguin chicks huddle together to keep warm and also for protection agenst predditors. Chinstrap penguin adults have blubber beneth thei skin and a double layer of plumage.
  • Height: 27in weight: 9 lbs. Body covering rounded waterproof feathers
  • Genral Discription: The Chinstrap Penguin gets it's name from the black strap on it's neck. They are  very aggressive penguins and offten take over other penguin colonies. They are medium sized penguins and they have a dark black beak.

  • Chinstraps are Endothermic.
  • Their young are called chicks.
  • Groups of penguins are called coloneys or parcels 

  • They are carnivorous and mainly eat Krill and sometimes eat fish and othe crustations.
  •   Chinstrap Penguins catch their food by diving into the water and catching prey from behind or infront of them.They have sharp beaks and a fleashy tongue for holding slippery prey.
  • The Lepord Seal and various birds(common bird: Skua Gull) eat this species of penguins.
  • Chinstraps defend themselves by quickly swimming away from peditor with their propeller-like wings.Chicks often huddle together to protect themselvs from birds.
  • Chinstrap Penguins prey on Krill and somtims fish and other crustations.
  • Chinstrap penguins have a paracitic relationship with chewing lice that live on Chinstrap penguins andfeed on their blood.( Penguin: host Lice:benifits)


  • Penguins breathe in the water without slowing down by porposing. Penguins breed only once a year. They can swim 5-10. There are more Chinstraps than any other penguins.


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  • Book: Birds Their Life ~ Their Ways ~ Their World Pages 177-179 copyright 1979 Author Christopher Perrins                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        






                         Food Chain                                                                            Where Chinstrap Penguins live.                                           Chinstrap Penguin and chick.



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