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The Cheetah    



Hey all you cheetah lovers! Check out some of these fun facts and tips on your favorite animal!



  • Cheetah is the main name for this animal
  • The class is Mammalia
  • Acinonyx jubatus is the Scientific Genus
  • The species is a cat


  • Grasslands and Savannahs are where you would usually find a cheetah
  • India, Iran, Namibia (Asia and Africa) are the countries where they live




                                         Africa and a little part of Asia



To survive in this environment the cheetah has speed to run away from predators, and to chase their prey.



  • Length: 45 to 53 inches
  • Height: 35 inches
  • Weight: 88 to 140 pounds


Cheetahs have hair with splotches of blackish brown spots. The cubs are fuzzy, with white hair on top, grey hair on top, and light colored spots. Females are tan with black spots. Males are slightly bigger than femalses, and  have a bigger head. Cheetahs are Endothermic. (Warm blooded)


  • Name of young: Cubs
  • Name of group: Coalition (mainly on their own, and only males in a group)
  •  Two related species: lions, puma (any type of cat)



Dinner time!

  • Type of eater: Carnivore
  •  It eats zebras, hares, gazelles (mostly mammals)







Cheetahs stalk their prey until they get close enough, then they chase it at a 65-70 mph sprint. It lasts around 20 seconds. It preys upon small antelopes, birds, hares, and warthogs. When it is young, hyenas, lions, large birds, jackals, and humans eat it.


The cheetahs type of defense is it's spots for camoflage, speed, slim body, large chest cavity, and instead of taking off, like a bird, it will fight it's prey or predator.


A sybiotic relationship with another organism in it's ecosystem is a Toxascaris leonina(ascarid). It is a parasite, so the symbiotic relationship is a parasitism.


Thre cheetahs form of communication is body language and growling.


FUN FACT cats can see in color on the dark, and have sensitive whiskers for nighttime hunting.


  • cheetahs are usually alone, except when mothers are still raising their own.
  • cheetahs are endangered, their habitat is being destroyedby humans, and pochers keep shooting them.









The Fast Facts Encyclopedia of Animals and Nature

 Copper Beech Books, 2000, pg. 161


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