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Brown Bear

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Brown Bear

  • The brown bear's class is mammalia, genus is Ursus, and it's scientific species is U. arctos

 Where are they?

  • Brown bears are found in deciduous forests and mountains.


Symbiotic Relationship?

  •  Brown bears have a mutual relationship with an Alaskan gull. The brown bear tears apart a salmon that they just caught, and the gull gets the leftovers. In return, the gull alerts the brown bear by flying above a group of salmon that there is food nearby.

                          Where is that?

  • The countries that brown bears are found in are mainly Canada, Russia, Spain, France, China, Turkey, and parts of Japan.

    How do they adapt?

  •   Brown bears are very well adapted to their environment. They have thick coats that insulate warmth, so the bear doesn't get cold. Brown bears hibernate during winter. Also, female bears have sharp claws to defend their cubs.

 Brown Bear --- Judge's Choice, "Student" Category - 2007 Buffalo Zoo Photo Contest by CharlesSF

How do you describe them?

  • Kodiak bears, a type of brown bear, can reach the height of ten feet while standing on hind legs.

  • Kodiak males can also weigh up to 1,500 pounds.

  • Brown bears have furry coats in the shades of black, blonde, brown, or a mixture of these. The long outer layers or their hair look grizzled because they have white tips.

Ecto or Endothermic?

  • Brown Bears are endothermic.

Katmai Female Brown Bear and Cub Approaching by MarkWells

What are babies and groups called?

  • Young and baby bears are called cubs. A group of bears is called a sleuth.

Who are they related to? 


  • Two related species are the American badger, and the Southern Elephant seal. They are in the same order, carnivoria.

North American Badger by Wayne Nelson.                           

this is the american badger.               this is the southern elephant seal.


What do they eat?

  • Brown bears are omnivores.They eat roots, sprouts, fish, and small mammals.

    Where are they on the food chain??

  • Brown bears are secondary consumers.


  • The brown bear uses its sharp teeth and claws to kill prey.

  • No predators eat the brown bear.

  • Brown bears defend their young with huge claws and teeth.

  • Brown bears hunt deer, elk, moose, and wolves.


  • Bears often communicate through play. Sometimes they leave marks against trees. They sometimes rub against trees, leaving their scent.

  • Standing on a bear's hind legs allows it to get more information from its sense of smell, sight, and hearing.

  • this is a brown bear hunting fish.

  • Brown bears are at least concern for being endangered.

 Ursus arctos range map.

  • Brown bears are found in these areas.


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