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Bottlenose Dolphin

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Bottlenose Dolphin






  • Common name: bottlenose dolphin
  • Scientific class: Mammalia
  • Scientific Genus: Tursiops Image:Cetacea range map Bottlenose Dolphin.png
  • Species: T. truncatus
  • Biome: Ocean
  • A bottlenose dolphin needs water and other fish to eat.



A Bottlenose dolphin is one of the most well known dolphins. They are gray with a lighter stomach.They live in oceans world wide. Keep reading to learn more!!


  • Length: 2-4meters (6-13 feet)
  • Weight: 150-650 killagrams(330-1,400 pounds)
  • Slippery, leather like body covering
  • Ectoermic(warm blooded)

The female and young bottlenose dolphin travels in a large group, but a male travels in a smaller group.

  • travels in a pod
  • name of young: pup
  • related to: porpise, whale





Dolphins are carnivores.They eat other fish, squid and shrimp.

  • eat small fish, squid, and shirmp (mostly)
  • they capture an other animal with there cone like teeth
  • whales and sharks eat dolphins












The dolphin has a sonar to sense if other animals are near, including preditors.


  • dolphin have a commensalisms with shirmp boats because the dolphins eat the left over shrimp, but the shrimp boat is not harmed
  • dolphins communicate with sonar
  • they also communicate with their jaws (above and beneath the water) 
  • dolphins are doing good, but they get caught in tuna nets 











I also used ask.com for spicfic questions.


Secrets of Animal World Dolphins Animals with Sonars, all pages used, 1996



 Thanks for reading!!!
























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