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Armored Catfish

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armored catfish picture


  • Armored catfish (Pterygoplithes mulliradrateis) are part of the scientific class Actinoptergii, and the superclass Osteichthyse.
  •  Armored catfish are found in freshwater streams in Brazil, as well as the Orinoco river, and the Maricaibo and Magdalena shields near Venezuela. (Shown in green)
  •  An armored catfish has to have special adaptions to its enviroment such as
    • a secondary breathing system that takes oxegen into a vast network of capillaries.
    • a very strong sucker mouth used to feed off of rocks in fast-moving water.
    • spines on their pectoral and dorsal fins to "walk" on the river bottom.
  • Armored catfish can be up to 2 feet long with barbels on the sides of their mouth.
  • Armored catfish can weigh up to 100 lbs.
  • Armored catfish prey on algae or small fish. 


  • Armored catfish are ectothermic.
  • Armored catfish are typically flight animals. By using their strong pectoral fins and tail, Armored catfish can escape danger quickly.
  •  A group of armored catfish are called a school.
  • Their young are called fry.
  • They are related to bullhead, and.Blue-spotted coredoras. 
  • Armored catfsh communicate by ratteling the spines on their  dorsal and pectoral fins.
  • The first armored catfish fossil was found in Salta, Argentina.
  • Armored catfish are not endangered.
  • An unusual behavior is that armored catfish will pull themselves along on land with their pectoral spines for long distances.
  • Armored catfish share a commensial relationship with midge larvae. The midge larvae will attatch themselves onto the armored catfish, and will feed feed while the armored catfish are down in the sediment.



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